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2020 Camp Schedule

Due to COVID-19 all summer camp sessions are cancelled for the 2020 season. We're so excited to see you next year!

To learn about our adapted summer program offerings please email


Spring Break

**Please note that Spring Break work parties are not a full week--tuition reflects this**

Youth Volunteer Work Parties:

To sign up for a Spring Break youth volunteer workparty email (no online registration required).


Work Party 1: March 22 - 25 (Portland Public Schools schedule)

                                Ages: 12-18          Tuition: $350          Capacity: 12 teens

Work Party 2: April 12 - 15 (Seattle Public Schools schedule)

                               Ages: 12-18          Tuition: $350          Capacity: 12 teens

**Does your school run on a different schedule and you have a group of friends you want to bring for a work party during your Spring Break? Email to set it up!

Summer Camps

June 21-27

Session 1A: All-Level Co-Ed Horse Camp *WAITLISTED* 

 Ages: 8-18          Tuition: $1100          Capacity: 21 campers

Session 1B: Construction Camp

Ages: 10-18          Tuition: $1100          Capacity: 14 campers

June 28-July 4

Session 2A: All-Level Co-Ed Horse Camp  *WAITLISTED* 

Ages: 8-18          Tuition: $1100          Capacity: 24 campers

Session 2B: Wilderness Camp NEW in 2020! 

Ages: 10-18          Tuition: $1100          Capacity: 12 campers

July 5-11

Session 3A: All-Level Co-Ed Horse Camp *WAITLISTED* 

Ages: 8-18          Tuition: $1100          Capacity: 21 campers

Session 3B: Homestead Camp 

Ages: 10-18          Tuition: $1100          Capacity: 14 campers

July 12-18

Session 4A: Co-Ed Wrangler Camp  *WAITLISTED* 

Ages: 13-18          Tuition: $1335          Capacity: 12 campers

Session 4B: Craft Camp

Ages: 10-18          Tuition: $1100          Capacity: 14 campers


July 19-25

Session 5A: Passage for Girls 

Ages: 12-19          Tuition: $1100          Capacity: 10 campers

Session 5B: Queer Rites of Passage  

Ages: 12-19          Tuition: $1100          Capacity: 10 campers

July 26-August 1

Session 6A: Young Rider Camp *WAITLISTED* 

Ages: 8-11          Tuition: $1100          Capacity: 16 campers

Session 6B: Theater Camp NEW in 2020

Ages: 10-18          Tuition: $1100          Capacity: 16 campers

August 2-8

Session 7: All-Level All-Girls Horse Camp *WAITLISTED* 

Ages: 8-18          Tuition: $1100          Capacity: 24 campers

August 9-15

Session 8A: All-Girls Wrangler Camp *WAITLISTED* 

Ages: 13-18          Tuition: $1335          Capacity: 12 campers


Session 8B: Music Camp NEW in 2020! 

Ages: 10-18          Tuition: $1100          Capacity: 12 campers

Please visit our Application Page for information about applying for a space in summer camp and a link to our registration system. 

Please note: works much better on a computer browser than on a phone--please try accessing it on a computer if you are having trouble. 

If you have trouble completing the application, please click HERE for some helpful tips.

Coming up!

September 24-27

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