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Ekone Ranch...a place for children of all ages!

401 Ekone Rd. | Goldendale, WA | 98620

Summer Camp

at Ekone Ranch

2020 Camp Schedule

We are now accepting applications for the 2020 camp season!

For more information on how to apply, check out our Apply Here! page

Please email summercamp@ekone.org with any questions.

Spring Break

**Please note that Spring Break work parties are not a full week--tuition reflects this**

Youth Volunteer Work Parties:

To sign up for a Spring Break youth volunteer workparty email summercamp@ekone.org (no online registration required).


Work Party 1: March 22 - 25 (Portland Public Schools schedule)

                                Ages: 12-18          Tuition: $350          Capacity: 12 teens

Work Party 2: April 12 - 15 (Seattle Public Schools schedule)

                               Ages: 12-18          Tuition: $350          Capacity: 12 teens

**Does your school run on a different schedule and you have a group of friends you want to bring for a work party during your Spring Break? Email summercamp@ekone.org to set it up!

Summer Camps

June 21-27

Session 1A: All-Level Co-Ed Horse Camp 

 Ages: 8-18          Tuition: $1100          Capacity: 21 campers

Session 1B: Construction Camp

Ages: 10-18          Tuition: $1100          Capacity: 14 campers

June 28-July 4

Session 2A: All-Level Co-Ed Horse Camp 

Ages: 8-18          Tuition: $1100          Capacity: 24 campers

Session 2B: Wilderness Camp NEW in 2020! 

Ages: 10-18          Tuition: $1100          Capacity: 12 campers

July 5-11

Session 3A: All-Level Co-Ed Horse Camp 

Ages: 8-18          Tuition: $1100          Capacity: 21 campers

Session 3B: Homestead Camp 

Ages: 10-18          Tuition: $1100          Capacity: 14 campers

July 12-18

Session 4A: Co-Ed Wrangler Camp 

Ages: 13-18          Tuition: $1335          Capacity: 12 campers

Session 4B: Craft Camp

Ages: 10-18          Tuition: $1100          Capacity: 14 campers


July 19-25

Session 5A: Passage for Girls 

Ages: 12-19          Tuition: $1100          Capacity: 10 campers

Session 5B: Queer Rites of Passage  

Ages: 12-19          Tuition: $1100          Capacity: 10 campers

July 26-August 1

Session 6A: Young Rider Camp

Ages: 8-11          Tuition: $1100          Capacity: 16 campers

Session 6B: Theater Camp NEW in 2020

Ages: 10-18          Tuition: $1100          Capacity: 16 campers

August 2-8

Session 7: All-Level All-Girls Horse Camp

Ages: 8-18          Tuition: $1100          Capacity: 24 campers

August 9-15

Session 8A: All-Girls Wrangler Camp

Ages: 13-18          Tuition: $1335          Capacity: 12 campers


Session 8B: Music Camp NEW in 2020! 

Ages: 10-18          Tuition: $1100          Capacity: 12 campers

Please visit our Application Page for information about applying for a space in summer camp and a link to our registration system. 

Please note: CampDoc.com works much better on a computer browser than on a phone--please try accessing it on a computer if you are having trouble. 

If you have trouble completing the application, please click HERE for some helpful tips.

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Meaningful work, good fun!