Summer Programs


Check out the 2o22 schedule!

Please read through the FAQs and schedule below to find out more about what we're offering this summer! And email with any questions. 


*session descriptions coming soon! email if you need more information*  

June 25-July 1 

Session 1A: Horse Intensive Camp

Ages: 13+   Capacity: 10 campers

Tuition: $1,200 (base rate) or $1,500 (restoration rate)  

Session 1B: Lizard McGizzard Camp (aka ranch skills camp!) 

Ages: 10+      Capacity: 12 campers

Tuition: $1,000 (base rate) or $1,300 (restoration rate)

July 3-8 

Session 2A: Arts Outside Camp

Ages: 8+         Capacity: 16 campers

Tuition: $1,000 (base rate) or $1,300 (restoration rate)

July 10-16

Session 3A: Classic Horse & Ranch Camp

Ages: 10+      Capacity: 16 campers

Tuition: $1,000 (base rate) or $1,300 (restoration rate)

Session 3B: Wilderness First Aid (WFA) + Supreme Adventure

Ages: 16+        Capacity: 12 campers

Tuition: $1,200 (base rate) or $1,500 (restoration rate)


July 18-24

Session 4A: Rites of Passage Camp 

Ages: 13+          Capacity: 16 campers

Tuition: $1,000 (base rate) or $1,300 (restoration rate)

July 26-31

Session 5A: Young Rider Camp

Ages: 8-11       Capacity: 16 campers

Tuition: $1,000 (base rate) or $1,300 (restoration rate)

Session 5B: Music Camp 

Ages: 12+       Capacity: 12 campers

Tuition: $1,000 (base rate) or $1,300 (restoration rate)

August 6-14 

Session 6A: Youth Volunteers

Ages: 14+    Capacity: 8 teens

Tuition: $400 (base rate) or $700 (restoration rate)  

Coming soon! 

Family Retreat Weekend dates TBD

Ages: all!  (kids under 6 free)     Capacity: 8 families

Tuition: $350/person (base rate) or $500/person (restoration rate)        



When can I apply?!

The link to the application will be available starting February 15th. We'll accept applications for 2 weeks and then do a first round of application reviews. If there are more applications than spaces in any given session we'll use a lottery system to determine who gets into camp. 

How are you handling COVID-safety? 

Because the reality of the pandemic keeps shifting, we're holding off on providing more detail for the 2022 season until summer gets a little closer.

Expect updates here by mid-February when we start accepting applications and in your inbox (if you sign up for a program) on an ongoing basis.


You can check out our "COVID Operating Plans" for for the 2021 season to see what we did last year by following these links:  Family Retreats and Summer Camp programs. 

Are you still offering scholarships?

Most definitely! When you apply for a summer session you can indicate that you will be applying for a scholarship and will not be asked to pay a deposit. 

Why are there two different costs for each program?

We are working with new pricing model that more accurately reflects the true "costs" of running programs at Ekone. We strive to keep our programs affordable, and the "Base Rate" covers the cost of facilities, food, staff time and basic operations. However, there’s a lot more to the Ekone experience and mission, like providing scholarships and equitable access to our programs, offering support to the Native people whose historic lands we occupy, protecting and stewarding this precious ecosystem, and special projects to care for place and community. This is where the "Restoration Rate" comes in. Those who are financially able to help "restore" social and ecological equity at Ekone are invited to join us in sharing abundance. (We consider the difference between base and restoration rate "paying it forward." The IRS considers it a tax-deductible donation, and we'll provide you with a tax receipt to that effect!)​​

Coming up!

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So much fun and community and meaningful service!