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Sacred Earth Foundation | 401 Ekone Rd, Goldendale, WA 98620 | | 509-773-4536

Getting to Ekone Ranch

Please contact us to arrange a visitthe ranch is a busy place and it's not easy to accommodate drop-in guests!  Just send us a note or give a call to schedule something ahead of time.

We are located about 2.5 hours from Portland and about 4 hours from Seattle. It takes just under 30 minutes to reach us from Goldendale, WA, the nearest town.


Internet will not work on your phone once you are out here, and cell phone coverage can be spotty. It will feel like you are in the boondocks–because you are!

Follow the directions below and DO NOT USE A GPS navigation system. (It will likely take you the back way on a pretty sketchy road where it is easy to get lost and/or stuck...DO NOT come to Ekone via Box Canyon Road or Rock Creek Road!

Driving Directions

Print Directions to Ekone and White Eagle

1. From Seattle or Spokane: Take I-90 S to Ellensburg, then take the HWY 97 exit South toward Yakima. The hwy will merge with 12 and 82 in Yakima. Turn Right to stay on Highway 97 S at Toppenish and head over Satus Pass to Goldendale.

2. From Portland: Take I-84 E past The Dalles to Biggs Junction and take Highway 97 North over the Columbia River at Biggs Junction. Follow 97 N for about 10 miles toward Goldendale.

3. At Goldendale, take the exit for Highway 142 (Broadway Street) at the 76 Service Station/Dairy Queen. Coming from the South, turn Left; it’s a Right turn from the North. This is the last spot with reliable cell phone coverage. If we have asked you to text us on your way, please send your text now - this will help us greet you when you arrive!

4. Go one block, then take the first left after the drive through coffee shop onto Bickleton Hwy.

5. Continue east for 10 miles (watch for milepost marker 10) and turn left onto Old Mountain Road.

6. In approximately 1 mile, the pavement curves down and to the right and crosses at Badger Gulch–follow it across the small bridge to stay on Old Mountain Road.

7. About 3 miles later, the pavement Doesn't end anymore at the mailboxes off Ownby Rd, but the county is still working on the road. SLOW DOWN to 25 mph please.

8. In another mile, you’ll see our neighbor's blue 455 house marker on your left and the Ekone Ranch sign on your right–turn Right onto Ekone Road. SLOW DOWN to 15 mph or lessgo ahead and shift into first gear, take a breath, and prepare to arrive! 

(*If the pavement ends, you have gone toooooo far - turn right around and retrace your route for about 1/4 mile, now looking for the blue and white 455 house marker on your right. The sign for Ekone will be harder to see, but there is a blue Ekone Rd sign at the top of the driveway.)

9. You’ll pass our closest neighbors and follow the signs for Ekone for almost 1 mile, to reach the Ekone Valley.  PLEASE OBSERVE THE SPEED LIMITS POSTED...stay in first gear...thank you!

10. The large octagonal building is the Ekone Ranch Lodge. Please follow the signs and park in the field to the left of the Lodge, do not go on past the STOP sign.

YOU MADE IT; Welcome to Ekone!

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