2020 Ekone Ranch Calendar

December 20-22, 2019: Solstice Workparty | Light up the dark time of year with fire, friends, food, and meaningful work. 

February 7-9: Midwinter Forestry Workparty | A winter workparty focusing on forestry and burn piles.

March 15-17: Spring Cleaning Workparty | Help us get ready for a full program season (and move into the new Bunkhouse!)

March 18: Happy Hour in Bothell | Seattle-area friends, join us for a Summer Camp Scholarship fundraiser and some very good dessert!

March 19: Happy Hour in Portland | Come out & mingle with fellow Ekone friends, raise money for Summer Camp Scholarships, and eat cake!

April 10-12: Garden Workparty | Celebrate spring in active service to the earth and to the garden (or whatever else needs doing).

May 7-10: Hoofbeat Attunement Workshop: Discovering Connection & Communication with Horses | Finally, a horse program for adults!

May 8-10: Spring in Full Swing Workparty | Tending the land with garden and Conservation stewardship work.

May 23: Thanksgiving in May | A donor-appreciation day in celebration of Ekone’s dedicated supporters.


May 24: Memorial Day Picnic & Camp Out | In honor of the White Eagle Memorial Preserve cemetery.

June 21-August 15: Ekone Summer Camps | A deeply enriching camp program with a variety of sessions and themes.

August 16-18: Post-Camp Collapse | Not accepting guests during this window…thank you!

August 19-23: Mothers & Children Retreat | An opportunity to have a powerful retreat experience WITH your children.

September 3-7: Spirit’n’Soul Quest | Immerse yourself deep into the sacred quality of the natural world in a supported way with Sacred Groves hosts.

September 15-20: Elder Rites of Passage | Restoring Eldering to the world, in sacred connection and service.

September 26: Barbed Wire Ball | Ekone’s annual fundraising festival and hootenanny, and the best dang party of the year!

November 1: All Souls Day | Honor the thinning of the veil between worlds at the White Eagle cemetery

November 27-29: Workin'-off-the-Turkey Workparty | Bring your gloves and head out to the woods for some post-Thanksgiving forestry out on the land.

December 18-20: Solstice Workparty | Light up the dark time of year with fire, friends, food, and meaningful work. 

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