Music Camp
~experience the magic of music at Ekone~

2022 Music Camp details

July 26-31

Ages: 10 years+

Capacity: 12 campers

Tuition: $900 (base rate), $1,200 (restoration rate)

Session Info

Music has always been an integral part of the Ekone Summer Camp program. From camp song favorites at garden parties, to Ekone-fying classics to original Ekone-inspired songs, we love making music! Music camp will give new and returning campers the opportunity to be inspired by the Ekone magic to write, sing and play to their hearts content. 

We encourage musicians to bring an instrument, their voice, creativity and a notebook. Campers will spend time out on the land and in community to help uncover the music they'd like to make during the week. They will play music wih the land, and in the process learn about the dance between space and sound, deep listening and the origins of music.

There will be time to make music together as a full group, break off into smaller groups and also have opportunites to work on and perform solo music, if desired. Campers will have many chances to share the music that is important to them, to share stories, feelings and thoughts about their influences and inspirations!


There will be talented Ekone staff musicians as well as a handful of guest stars (musicians with real world experience!) to bring all kinds of ideas to the week. The culmination of the session will be to an Ekone-style concert (think extra fancy Garden Party!) giving campers the opportunity to perform in a way supportive environment. If time and equipment allows, we will also try to record some of the music created throughout the week. 


**Note that Music Campers will not ride horses, leaving more time for all those musical endeavors!**


If you haven’t already, visit our main About Camp  page to get a feel for our camp philosophy, history and the scope the Ekone Summer Camp program.


Please visit the Apply Here! page to find out how to sign up!

Lead Staff for Music Camp 

Michelle Sager


Michelle is our resident plant nerd and reigning Waddalyatcha champion!

She first connected with Ekone in early 2017 and has been a year-round Ekone staff since early 2020. Michelle brings many years of experience working in art, garden, and nature education, and love love LOVES to work with kids outside in nature. She has taught everything from preschool to art camp to middle school science to adult education and everything in between. She has a B.A. in Art from UC Berkeley and an M.S. in Sustainability Education from Portland State, and is currently working on a second M.S. in Conservation Biology. She is also a certified Wilderness First Responder. You can often find her planting seeds, smelling trees, or investigating tiny flowers.

Favorite summer activities? Early morning garden projects, exploring the woods, and building community with campers.

Evelyn Kent


Evelyn first came to Ekone with her cousins and grandma when she was 8 years old and fell in love with the ranch. Since then she has made many valiant but failed efforts to never leave, as a camper, volunteer, and now as a staff member. Evelyn loves to do all the things from cooking, playing music, working with horses, and everything in between. She loves the friends and sense of self she has found at Ekone and hopes as a staff member she inspires and gives the same love and care to others. Evelyn is from Portland Oregon and attends Macalester College in St. Paul Minnesota. Their fav camp activities are writing silly camp songs, becoming friends with the horses, working in the garden, and stargazing.

Max Gregor


Max Gregor has been involved with Ekone since 2020. He first visited in the winter as one of our forestry interns, and after falling in love with the people and the land, was then easily convinced to stay all summer long for camp. He brings with him 20 years of music experience, both as a solo artist and as a member of the group Lemuria (those are links to Spotify pages, if you want to give him a listen!). At Ekone, he has discovered a love for horses and for the physical demands of the ranch lifestyle. Max aims to intertwine his mindfulness meditation practice with his passion for music and community into his offerings at music camp and beyond. Originally from Vermont, Max has lived all over the United States, traveled the world making music, and currently resides in Boulder, CO while he works on his BA in psychology at Naropa University. At Ekone, you can often find him cooking up a feast in the kitchen, playing guitar in the lodge, or wandering around the woods.

Morgan Kavanagh


Morgan enjoys sharing her love of music and song as powerful tools for storytelling, for weaving community and for bringing joy.

Morgan first came to work at Ekone in 2014. Never having been to summer camp as a kid, she feels extra lucky to be living out the dreams of her 8 year old self by playing in the woods, riding horses all day, and singing songs at Ekone Ranch. 

Morgan grew up riding any/all horses that she could climb on. When she was eleven, she and her mom adopted a wild Mustang and began the long process of training through building a relationship built on trust and communication. Along the way she discovered that horses ask humans to develop sensitivity, patience, empathy, self-confidence, and a leadership style that is both gentle and firm.  Morgan holds a degree in Visual Art/Art Education from the Evergreen State College. When she's not at summer camp, she enjoys cultivating creativity in kids of all ages, writing and performing music, and traveling. 

Her favorite Ekone activity: helping to facilitate relationships between kids and horses, and watching the magic that inevitably happens.

And, in the meantime, check out this Ekone-inspired tune by our friends Morgan and Maren (Bad Posture Club)...rumor has it they may be making an appearance at Music Camp!

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So much fun and community and meaningful service!