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Music Camp
~experience the magic of music at Ekone~

2024 Music Camp details

July 30-Aug 4

Ages: 10-16 years

Capacity: 12 campers

Tuition: $900 (base rate), $1200 (restoration rate)

Session Info


Music has always been an integral part of the Ekone Summer Camp program. From camp song favorites at garden parties, to Ekone-fying classics to original Ekone-inspired songs, we love making music! Music camp gives new and returning campers the opportunity to be inspired by Ekone magic to write, sing and play to their heart’s content. 

We encourage musicians to bring an instrument, their voice, creativity and a notebook. Campers will spend time out on the land and in community to help uncover the music they'd like to make during the week. They will play music with the land, and in the process learn about the dance between space and sound, deep listening and the origins of music.

There will be time to make music together as a full group, break off into smaller groups and also have opportunities to work on and perform solo music, if desired. Campers will have many chances to share the music that is important to them, to share stories, feelings and thoughts about their influences and inspirations!


There will be talented Ekone staff musicians as well as a handful of guest stars (musicians with real world experience!) to bring all kinds of ideas to the week. The culmination of the session will be an Ekone-style concert (think extra fancy Garden Party!) giving campers the opportunity to perform in a supportive environment. If time and equipment allows, we will also try to record some of the music created throughout the week. ​

**Note that Music Campers will not ride horses, leaving more time for all those musical endeavors! But they still may get some cute hang out time with the ponies.**


If you haven’t already, visit our main About Camp  page to get a feel for our camp philosophy, history and the scope the Ekone Summer Camp program.


Please visit the Apply Here! page to find out how to sign up!










And, in the meantime, check out this Ekone-inspired tune by our friends

Morgan and Maren (Bad Posture Club)

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April 19-21 Forestry and Spring Cleaning Time!

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