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Harvest Cooking Camp

2024 Harvest Cooking Camp details


August 6-12

Ages: 10-16

Capacity: 12 campers

Tuition: $900 (base rate), $1,200 (restoration rate)

Session Details

This camp is for all those who just LOVE everything about cooking, food, edible and medicinal plants, animals, and working with all of those things in the awesome and truly magical playground of Ekone Ranch and the new Yummy Tummy Cafe!  

We’ll get a truly land-to-table experience in this camp; working closely with the bounty of the ⅓-acre Ekone Garden, the native plants of this nearly 1,300 acre land trust, and with the fruits, vegetables, and animals produced by other awesome local growers.

Our possibilities list for this camp will be centered around the meals and dishes we want to cook together and share with the other campers and staff. Campers will have the opportunity to develop and hone culinary skills from basic to advanced, and will be working with the skilled chefs who nourish the bodies, hearts, and souls of all those who come to Ekone throughout the year.

We’ll learn everything from how to read and implement recipes, to learning how and when to adapt recipes, to learning how to create original recipes and “cook by feel” using all our senses and our innately human curiosity and creativity. Part of experiencing our relationship to the food we eat is learning how to preserve the bounty of each season, so campers will also get to learn many food preservation techniques, and take home some special pieces of the Ekone foodscape!


This camp is made possible by the new Yummy Tummy Cafe, completed in 2023 and now a cozy, nourishing, delicious hub of Ekone Magic. Our cooks have tons of fun, and campers at this brand-new session will spend lots of time behind the counter learning the secret recipes and special ways of our amazing kitchen team. 

Like every Ekone camp, there will also be plenty of time to play together, swim in the pond, sing, craft, sleep in the Bunkhouse or under the stars, make new friends, and have the transformational experience of Ekone community! 


**Note that Harvest Cooking Campers will not ride horses, leaving more time for all those kitchen adventures!**


For a sneak peak into some of the yummy shenanigans these campers will get up to,

check out this Homestead "Liz-agna" how-to we made a few years ago for folks at home

during the early days of the stay-at-home era!!


If you haven’t already, visit our main About Camp  page

to get a feel for our camp philosophy, history and the scope the Ekone Summer Camp program


Please visit the Apply Here! page to find out how to sign up!


Coming up!


April 19-21 Forestry and Spring Cleaning Time!

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