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Mobilizing resources for the protection and stewardship of the Upper Rock Creek watershed. 

Conservation Fund
for Land Protection

Our Conservation Mission is to...



Ensure permanent protection for a diverse and integrated landscape through acquisition of key parcels that are vulnerable to development or harm.


Use best available science, innovative strategies, a holistic approach, and gentle feet on the ground to care for land, plants and animals in a changing world.


Our Restricted Conservation Fund supports this work--donate below!

Recent Conservation Successes

(Updates Coming Soon -we've been busy....):

1.  Acquisition of the Aspen Grove, 20 acres

Visible from the front yard of the Ekone Lodge, directly upstream along the Ekone creek, and surrounded on three sides by Ekone land, this parcel is integral.  A spectacular intact aspen grove protects the creek, western gray squirrels nest in huge ponderosas, and lush stands of native grass and sedge provide forage through the dry months.  This property was donated by Dale and Beverly Plank, who are delighted that many future generations of children and animals will wander its trails.


2.  Acquisition of Rainbow Springs, 73 acres

With a year-round spring, an old-growth oak grove, and the most spectacular Rock Creek overlook, this parcel offers nourishment to wildlife and humans alike.  This marks the lowest reach of the upper section of Rock Creek, defining the edge of the landscape that SEF is committed to protecting.  The down payment on this property was donated by the Pollock Family–please consider joining them with a contribution to paying it off!

3.  Acquisition of the Fir Forest, 20 acres

Directly downstream along the Ekone creek, the deep shade of this parcel provides cover for wildlife and cool, fresh water to Rock Creek and its native fish populations.  This property is critical to the watershed that Sacred Earth Foundation is protecting, and its acquisition was made possible by 91 donors to the Conservation Fund! 

(Here’s a map of these properties.)

Current Goals:

1. Stewardship Planning

Employ the best available science, make a thorough inventory of Ekone’s flora and fauna, gain the support of conservation professionals, and draft a comprehensive plan for the stewardship of Sacred Earth Foundation lands that manages invasive species, supports healthy forests and grasslands, encourages native plants and animals, and adapts to a changing world. 


2.  Prepare for future acquisition opportunities

Land deals move fast, and we need to be ready when the next critical parcel in our watershed suddenly goes on the market.  We have seen parcels in our neighborhood be deeply damaged by heavy logging, insensitive forest practices, poor management, division and development, ATV’s, pollution, abandoned cars and trash heaps.  Please consider helping us build the Conservation Fund so that we can take action when needed!  

Make this landscape part of your legacy!  Gifts of $1000 or more will be recognized on a permanent installation near the White Eagle cemetery entryway. 


Contributions can be made:



by mail to

Sacred Earth Foundation

401 Ekone Rd

Goldendale, WA 98620

or by phone at 509-773-4536


Consider making a monthly pledge to spread your investment out over time!

Coming up!

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The Barbed Wire Ball!

Family FUNdraiser September 28-29th

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