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Ekone Leadership 
~be of service to place~

2024 Ekone Leadership details

July 15-20

Ages: 14-18 years

Capacity: 12 teens

Tuition: $900 (base rate) or $1,200 (restoration rate)

Session Info


Note: This program is a prerequisite to becoming an Ekone intern. Want to work here someday? Or somewhere like it? Sign up for this camp!

This camp is specifically designed for those Ekone teens who are interested in gaining the necessary leadership and practical skills needed to intern and/or work at Ekone someday, or who just generally want to gain a bunch of practical, hands-on skills that could help you in lots of career paths. Want to be a camp staff intern, or a kitchen/garden or ranch intern at Ekone? This program will teach you a literal 10,000 important things, and get you working with your hands and body, developing situational awareness and going all-in on the dusty dirty business of life on a working ranch and summer camp, while also developing leadership skills and tools for building emotional maturity. We’ll be putting safety first and embracing danger, doing something on the way to doing something, and finding the fun in everything as we explore the many aspects of camp and ranch life at Ekone. This camp is also just great for any teens interested in gaining these types of practical skills, even if you don't want to work here ;) 

Just like ranch life, this program will be driven by what most needs doing at the time. Our focus will be on making, fixing, and tending the many aspects of ranch life, while we also tend to our camp community and learn more about how to effectively support each other and gain the support we each need to be compassionate leaders in the varied areas of our lives. 

Some potential skill-building projects include: learning safe use of power tools, taking down old barbed wire fence with fencing tools and making a giant Barbed Wire Ball, participating in earthen plaster work, working with tile, basic plumbing and electrical skills, laying waste to bitterbrush (a very satisfying and useful kind of destruction!), as well as learning how the Yummy Tummy Cafe kitchen works behind the scenes, and how to successfully run a clean-up crew! Ranch life also involves caring for the ranch animals and plants, so we may also help stack hay in the barn, tend to the chickens and pigs, learn basic veterinary skills, harvest and work in the Ekone garden, and depending on interest, assist with processing chickens for eating. 

The main focus of this camp is to provide a supportive and engaging environment for those teens who are looking to get involved in Ekone in a deeper and more responsible way, and looking to gain the mental, emotional, and physical stamina and skills required to be an Ekone intern or staff. While we will definitely get to enjoy the many-faceted awesomeness of Ekone camps in general, including some evenings and siestas spent doing crafts, sharing songs, playing connective games, swimming in the pond, and having incredible conversations, this camp will do those things by focusing on developing leadership through seeking out and navigating challenges together as a community. 

At the end of the week, each participant will receive a personalized letter of recommendation, highlighting their individual strengths, to be used for job-hunting, college applications, or other leadership opportunities.

To apply for the Ekone Leadership program, please follow the summer programs application instructions!





















If you haven’t already, visit our main About Camp  page

to get a feel for our camp philosophy, history and the scope the Ekone Summer Camp program.

Please visit the Apply Here! page to find out how to sign up!

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