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Scholarships at Ekone Summer Camps

We are committed to making access to Ekone Summer Camp equitable for any child wanting to attend camp, cultivating leadership among campers, and providing meaningful experiences for all.

To this end, we offer scholarship support to children who are otherwise unable to attend camp, We work closely with families and individuals seeking financial assistance to determine what is within their means, and develop a comprehensive tuition plan.  We typically ask families to cover at least 20% of the tuition, and also offer payment plans.  Ekone is strongly committed to making our programs available to everyone, regardless of their financial situation--we’re happy to consider any and all requests for assistance.  


Please take the following into consideration when applying for a camp scholarship:


The objectives of our scholarship program include:

  1. Offering an experience of nature, animals, and community to children lacking access to these things in their daily life 

  2. Increasing social, cultural, racial, economic, ability, and other diversity in our camp community

  3. Prioritizing youth from tribal and local communities 

  4. Supporting leadership potential in the next generation


We ask families or individuals to stretch financially, because we operate on a tight budget and want to ensure that those we provide financial assistance to share in the stretch. A “stretch” for your family might be $5 or $500—please consider your resources carefully, offer what you can, and keep in mind that the more you can offer, the further our scholarship funds will go.  Our scholarships rarely cover the entire cost of camp tuition, and typically ask families to cover at least 20% of tuition cost.


We support payment plans, over a period of up to 12 months. 


We encourage campers to raise tuition funds in their home communities, either through asking friends and family for pledges or earning and saving money through babysitting, mowing lawns, etc. We find that this is a wonderful way to involve the community in the valuable experience that Ekone Summer Camps provide for young people and make the experience much more valuable for the camper as well. 


What about work-trade and volunteers?  Under state employment regulations, we are unable to do “work-trades.”  We do accept many volunteers throughout the year, and some families are inspired and able to “give back” and become a part of the Ekone community in this way.  Please email if you’d like more information about volunteering. 


**Our scholarships are based on the honor system—we do not ask for details on your income and expenses, nor will we verify with your employer, but depend on the integrity and generosity of applicants to request only the support they truly need and help our scholarship funds stretch for as many deserving children as possible***

The scholarship application is built into the online registration process. The first step to applying for a scholarship is applying for camp! Information on how to do that can be found HERE. 

If you would like to download a paper copy of the objectives and application for your own information, click the button below








Scholarship availability depends on the generosity of many individual donors.  If you’d like to contribute to a deserving child’s camp experience, please consider making a tax-deductible donation today!

Many thanks to The Phyillis and Max Reynolds Foundation for their grant in 2019 and to all of the camp families and donors who have contributed to the scholarship fund!

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