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This music video is a gift to you, a prayer for all of our children, and the best 4-minute illustration of Ekone Summer Camp ever.

A Gift for You
Plus a Few Last Camp Spaces!

In this season of gratitude, we are grateful for YOU, the human community that sustains and is sustained by this place and work...

We Give Thanks

We’ve poured over the trail maps, charted our route, acquired permits, trained the string, honed our skills with test rides, got everyone in position, began provisioning in earnest, and...

Vol. 1 Epilogue
Straight from the Saddle

A brief history of Ekone’s facilities and how we arrived at this crossroads.

Chapter 6: The Dusty Trail Behind Us

Straight from the Saddle

Our route through the wilderness of a Capital Campaign, and landmarks pointing the way...

Chapter 3: The Trail Map

Straight from the Saddle

Beautiful fall is just ahead, and with it comes Ekone's Barbed Wire Ball!  September 29 will be a ranchy extravaganza of Ekone Magic, food, friends, music, celebration and

Call for Volunteers, Auction Items, Cake, and YOU!

Have you noticed that Ekone's Saddle Up! capital campaign has been quiet over the winter?  Well, we've been...

The Bunkhouse Editions!
Straight from the Saddle

Nearly 300 people turned out for the Barbed Wire Ball at Ekone Ranch. It was epic.  We danced with horses.  We shared our...

Floored and Grateful for YOU all

We are humbled, inspired, and a bit…verklempt…by this list of people who have committed cash donations and pledges to the Saddle Up capital campaign.

Chapter 8: Route Scouts

Straight from the Saddle

After a thorough search for the “get-out-of-capital-campaign-free-card”, we know that this adventure is not optional, if camps and programs are to continue...

Chapter 5: Truth-Checking

Straight from the Saddle

We’re headed for a beautiful and hopeful future!  It features an integrated, permanently protected ecosystem in the Upper Rock Creek watershed; a classroom, playground, and...

Chapter 2: Where We're Going

Straight from the Saddle

In September, we made a big commitment, sacrifice, and promise, by cutting down dozens of beautiful trees in preparation for an expansion of Ekone's driveway...

Vol. 2, Chapter 2: A New Approach
Straight from the Saddle

After years of research, planning, strategizing and nail-biting, we have officially made the leap...

The Point of No Return...

Straight from the Saddle

In true Ekone Magic style, an amazing team of humans has shown up at just the right times to support the labor that Ekone requires.  Here’s a little about a few key players...

Chapter 7: How many cowpokes does it take to Saddle Up?

Straight from the Saddle

We are embarking on this adventure with great willingness to work hard, stretch far, and go out on limbs.  Such a journey also requires a whole lot of...

Chapter 4: Provisioning for the Journey

Straight from the Saddle

Enough hints and sneak peeks…here’s the dirt on what’s ahead at Ekone!  For two years, we’ve been dropping hints of big plans afoot at Ekone Ranch.  We’re finally ready to...

Chapter 1: The Reason for the Journey

Straight from the Saddle

Coming up!

September 24-27

Bringing the hootenanny to you!

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