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The Barbed Wire Ball is Back!

Friday, September 23 - Sunday, September 25, 2022

~ Ekone's flagship fundraiser, back in person! ~

We are so excited to welcome folks back to the Ranch and introduce everybody to our new kitchen and bath house, along with the traditional treats we look forward to at the Barbed Wire Ball each year:

- Live Music - Barbecue  - Live Auction - Camp Out - Kids' Activities - Pony Time - Guided Canyon Hikes - Sharing Cake with Friends - (No Silent Auction this year though...)


​We are SO excited to show off the new kitchen, and to cook beautiful meals for you - the BBQ this year will be on the Yummy Tummy lawn, with plenty of shady covered space to enjoy.

Why do we need a new kitchen?  Glad you asked!  Rattlesnakes, frogs, skunks, and ten other reasons!


Let's not forget how much fun the at-the-ranch Barbed Wire Ball is--or how important it is to making Ekone's work possible!  This year, in the spirit of reciprocated generosity. the Barbed Wire Ball is FREE to attend! We hope you will donate at donation stations, and spend big during the auction of course... Enjoy these scenes from years past...we cannot wait to be together again soon!

Ekone is so important to so many kids, families, and adults, now and in the future.  Individual and collective health is fostered here.  Skills, nourishment, and a powerful work ethic are infused into the next generation of creative problem solvers here.  We need your support to ensure that it continues, and prepare Ekone to support healing and empowerment for thousands of kids and adults in the years to come.

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Here are some video offerings from the olden days, and from our epic 2020 UnBarbed Wire Ball video series....

Coming up!

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So much fun and community and meaningful service!