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Thursday, September 23 - Sunday, September 27, 2021

~ Ekone's flagship fundraiser, online one more time ~

It's still a pandemic and the ranch is a construction zone!  So once again, we've bottled up a bit of Ekone Magic to help you get through the long winter, and ask for your support so Ekone does too.


Featuring an Ekone birthday party, a new Badassery Skills Camp, Secrets of the Yummy Tummy, retreats and other unique Ekone experiences not for sale anywhere else, and some truly fabulous items donated by our wonderful community!


Opens Thursday, September 23 at 6am, closes Monday, September 27 at 7pm.


Raise those bid numbers high and proud (erm, click often and with courage), and remember that every dollar makes a real difference in building a new Yummy Tummy Cafe for Ekone Ranch.


Construction has begun!  And we have just $188,000 left to raise to complete this momentous project ~ $88,000 of that from individual donors.  Let's exceed our 2020 UnBarbed total and get this campaign DONE!

Why do we need a new kitchen?  Glad you asked!  Rattlesnakes, frogs, skunks, and ten other reasons!


Follow the Ekone staff all around the ranch for All the News, candid Trials and Triumphs, and Very Serious Questions. 


There's just no way that we can improve on the creative genius and stunning performances of the 2020 UnBarbed Video Series.  Please forgive us for not even trying to do it again-and-better, and do enjoy another romp through the festivities with us!

























































































​​​​​How the UnBarbed Wire Ball Works:

  • Watch for daily updates, and plan a little time to tune in each day!

  • Register to bid in the auction, make a donation, and have a direct line to the fun.

  • No tickets (or gas money!) required...please consider a donation in lieu of tickets?

  • All funds raised will help build the new kitchen that Ekone Ranch so very much needs.

What It Makes Possible:

The Saddle Up Capital Campaign (to create the facilities for Ekone's future!) is nearing the finish line!  We have just $188,000 left to raise to fully fund the new kitchen and bathhouse.  If individual donors contribute the $88k, we think our foundation supporters will carry the rest. 

Last year we raised almost $80k in September.  Can we do it again, and just a lil bit more??

Ekone is so important to so many kids, families, and adults, now and in the future.  Individual and collective health is fostered here.  Skills, nourishment, and a powerful work ethic are infused into the next generation of creative problem solvers here.  We need your support to ensure that it continues, and prepare Ekone to support healing and empowerment for thousands of kids and adults in the years to come.

Let's not forget how much fun the at-the-ranch Barbed Wire Ball is--or how important it is to making Ekone's work possible!  Enjoy these scenes from years past...we'll be together again soon!

No wristband needed this year!

No wristband needed this year!

Barbeque Bob at Ekone Ranch

Tune in with Barbeque Bob to learn how he grills them to perfection!

Yummy Tummy spread at Ekone Ranch

Chris and Liz will share some secret recipes and Yummy Tummy Cafe tips and tricks!

Cuddling chicks at Ekone Ranch

Liz and Michelle will bring the critters to the party, but you'll have to be in charge of your own face paint this year.

Pony Rides at Ekone Ranch

Ever wondered what Toneka's secrets are? We'll be asking!

Silent Auction at Ekone Ranch

The online auction will be just as full of fabulous items, with less elbow-jostling.

Auctioneer at Ekone Ranch

We'll sure miss David's "heyyyyyy bidder bidder", but still offer some super-special Ekone experiences. Horse trip to the mountains, anyone??

Wild Sparks at Ekone Ranch

The Wild Sparks will share some sweet tunes with us from afar!

Matney at Ekone Ranch

Matney and friends will try hard to get us dancing in the kitchen. Also watch out for appearances from Andrew, Shannon, Evan, Lilly, and more!

Coming up!

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So much fun and community and meaningful service!