Saturday, September 26, 2020

A Family Festival and Old-Time Hootenanny at Ekone Ranch!


LIVE AUCTION:  Featuring an Ekone birthday party, horse adventures, private retreats and other fabulous Ekone experiences not for sale anywhere else! 2019 Live Auction Items

SILENT AUCTION:  Packed with handcrafted, beautiful, serviceable goods and experiences for all your shopping pleasure and gifting needs.

GUIDED HIKE:  Featuring Rock Creek Canyon, ponderosa/oak forest, fire-wise forestry, and Ekone’s wilderness cemetery.

HORSE TRAINING DEMONSTRATION:  Showcasing Ekone’s natural horsemanship methods and Paddock Paradise track.

PONY RIDES:  A great first horse experience for kiddos, with Ekone’s gentle horses and experienced wranglers.


CAKEWALK:  With rounds for kids and adults, many delectable treats, and the Cakewalk Pickup Band!

BARBEQUE:  Local grass-fed beef, homemade veggie burgers, and from-scratch home cooking from the Yummy Tummy Cafe.

BEVERAGE SHED:  Featuring a fine selection of local microbrews, wines, ciders, and non-alcoholic refreshments.

LIVE MUSIC & DANCING: The Ekone Lodge dance floor is (now) mighty sturdy, and home of much good music!

CAMPING:  In Ekone’s beautiful meadows and forests (or hotels available in Goldendale, or just come for the day!)

BRUNCH:  In the Yummy Tummy Cafe for those staying overnight.

GRATITUDE CIRCLE: to conclude the festivities on Sunday!

Here's a video taste of the

Barbed Wire Ball, and the

important work that it supports!


Weekend Pass:  Advance tix: $40/adult, $20/child aged 6-12

Gate tix: $50/adult $25/child

(includes Saturday BBQ, music, camping, Sunday brunch, and a barrel of fun!)

Day Pass: Advance tix:  $20/adult, $10/child aged 6-12

Gate tix: $25/adult $12.50/child

(includes Saturday BBQ, music, and a pile of fun!)

*Kids 5 and under come for free!

Ticket prices will be 25% higher at the gate—buy in advance!  Here are some options, in order of our preference:

  1. Buy 'em now on Brown Paper Tickets (this also serves as an RSVP)

  2. RSVP Here and plan to pay at the gate, nevermind the savings

  3. Decide to come last-minute, show up & pay at the gate and hope we have enough burgers!  (We haven’t run out yet...)

The main thing is to get you here!


Donations of special auction items, event supplies, or cakewalk delicacies are gratefully accepted!

Volunteers's an epic event to be a part of.

Email Jodie at

Please do not bring dogs—we have enough of our own…

Smiling volunteers at Ekone Ranch!

Smiling volunteers ready to greet you at the gate!

IMG_1468 (Small)

The cakewalk is a hoot for kids of all ages—even grown up ones!

Sappy Fir Cones at Ekone Ranch

Trout Lake's Sappy Fir Cones getting the party started!

Barbeque Bob at Ekone Ranch

Barbeque Bob grilling local, grass-fed burgers to perfection!

Yummy Tummy spread at Ekone Ranch


Cuddling chicks at Ekone Ranch

Always some critters to cuddle--best done fully face painted!

Pony Rides at Ekone Ranch

It’s a great place for that very first ride on a horse!

Silent Auction at Ekone Ranch

About 100 fabulous items in the silent auction!

Auctioneer at Ekone Ranch

Pro auctioneer David Griffith with his trusty sidekick, Shonie.

Beverage Shed at Ekone Ranch

Service with a grin in the transformed woodshed!

Beergarden at Ekone Ranch

"Grown-Up Zone"

Wild Sparks at Ekone Ranch

The Wild Sparks making our hearts explode.

Matney at Ekone Ranch

Matney and the Tall Boys making our feet dance!

Coming up!

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we'll update this when we're back!

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