Summer Camp

at Ekone Ranch

About Summer Camp

Since 1986, Ekone has been a home to children in the summertime.  At Ekone, campers experience being an important member of an inclusive community, in relationship and service to a place.  We believe that this experience is fundamental to our human nature, transformative for those who experience it, and essential to creating a viable, vibrant future on Earth. 

And fun!  If there's anything Ekone is known for, it's finding the fun in everything. 

Days at camp are spent almost entirely outside, with a community of between 10-25 children aged 8-18 (session-dependent), and a crew of 10-15 staff and mentors aged 16-80.  Together, we engage in play, work, skill-building, and activities designed to connect us to nature, each other, and ourselves.  We learn to listen closely to the birds.  We stalk the deer at the pond.  We create art from found objects.  We run wild through the woods.  We shed some of the busy-ness of modern life and remember how to make our own fun.


We also care for the needs of our place and community, taking responsibility for ourselves and our shared experience.  We cook meals, clean up after them, tend the garden, feed the animals, buck hay, haul firewood, and engage in conservation projects on the land.  We learn to listen to each other, speak our truth with kindness, and create the kind of community we want to live in.

And we simply enjoy life on the ranch.  Campers sleep in the beautiful new bunkhouse or under the stars.  Our wholesome, delicious meals are cooked from scratch, and most of our produce is from Ekone's own garden.  We take a break from screens, mirrors, makeup, competition, and drama.  We swim in the pond, swing on the rope swings, catch frogs, and build forts. 

Our Horse Camps incorporate 20 fabulous equines into the mix.  From these patient, wise teachers, we learn courage, resilience, kindness, leadership, and communication.  Our approach to horsemanship is relationship-oriented, in search of a respectful, consenting partnership between horse and human.  We ride mostly bareback, finding the best connection and fastest learning without a saddle.  We learn and practice in the arena, then take our skills out on miles of trails.  Campers ride several different horses during their stay--every horse has something different to teach, and we help campers discover that lesson and foster a connection with each horse they experience.

Wilderness Camps, Arts Camp and Rites of Passage Camps are just as much fun, each transformative and rewarding in their own way.  Campers dig deep into wilderness skills and homestead projects, growing more capable and confident by bounds with the opportunity to do more in-depth skill-building than is possible during horse camps. Art campers indulge their creative urges to the fullest, learning new skills while making beautiful, useful works that leave their mark on the ranch for years to come.  Passage teens honor their coming-of-age time with reflection, creative projects, joyful community, ceremony, and solo time on the land, building deep connections to nourish them through the journey to adulthood. 

For more on each of our programs, please visit the Session Schedule!​


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So much fun and community and meaningful service!