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Ekone Ranch...a place for children of all ages!

401 Ekone Rd. | Goldendale, WA | 98620

Ekone Wilderness Camp

New in 2020!


Wilderness Camp is a chance for campers to deepen their connection with the land at Ekone. Only the first and last nights of camp will be spent in the main Ekone Valley (where the bunkhouse and kitchen facilities are). The rest of the time campers will base-camp in a special place near the canyon, sleeping under the stars and cooking all meals together (likely with a few special meals catered from the Yummy Tummy Cafe). This session is perfect for campers seeking more adventure and less creature comforts!

Activities will include learning about edible and medicinal plants, wilderness survival skills, tracking animals, sneaking and games in the woods, building shelters, hand crafts made from natural materials, hiking down to the Mermaid Pools to swim, trail maintenance and trail creation, tending to invasive species, learning about forestry and forest management, mapping and navigating, and most importantly building a sustainable connection to the Ekone land. Exact camp activities will depend on camper interest at the beginning of the week!


*Note that Wilderness Campers will not ride horses, they'll be too busy adventuring in the woods!**

If you haven’t already, visit our main About Camp  page

to get a feel for our camp philosophy, history and the scope the Ekone Summer Camp program.

Please visit the Apply Here! page to find out how to sign up!

Coming up!

Feb 8 | Mar 7 | Apr 11 | May 9

Meaningful work, good fun!