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Summer Camp

at Ekone Ranch



Packing List

Please note: At Ekone Summer Camp, we play hard, work hard, and enjoy being outside.  Please bring clothing that is comfortable and practical for moving around and working in, and that you don’t mind getting dirty, scuffed, and well-worn!



  • t-shirts and tank tops with coverage

  • shorts

  • long pants for riding that aren’t too tight or constrictive! (check to make sure you can comfortably crouch and sit cross-legged without binding, and be aware that riding bareback in thin leggings can be itchy and prickly)

  • sturdy work pants (required for putting hay in the barn and for other work projects)

  • lightweight, long sleeve, light-colored, loose button-down cotton shirts (easy to find at thrift stores!)

  • sweater or sweatshirt, and a jacket (evenings can be cool, and June-uary is real)

  • socks and underwear (lots! extras! seriously!)

  • pajamas

  • one blank, light-colored t-shirt, tank top, sweatshirt or pillowcase for silk-screening!  (thrift stores work great for this)

  • sturdy walking and working shoes (light hiking boots, sneakers, etc.)


  • water bottle, preferably with a clip or strap to attach it to yourself (at least 32 oz - please no tiny water bottles!)

  • chemical-free sunscreen and chapstick with SPF of 15+ (here’s a good list)

  • hat with brim

  • lightweight, long sleeve, light-colored, loose button-down cotton shirt (easy to find at thrift stores!)

  • bandana (or several)

  • swimsuit and 2 towels

  • t-shirt for swimming in (we require shirts that cover shoulders in the pond)


  • small day pack or bag for keeping your daily necessities with you around the ranch

  • flashlight and extra batteries

  • sleeping bag, sleeping pad and pillow (we provide sleeping pads for indoor use, but bring your own for when we sleep out under the stars!)

  • leather work gloves

  • dirty laundry bag


  • hairbrush and hair ties for campers with long hair (hair must be tied back while working in the kitchen or with the horses)

  • toothbrush and toothpaste

  • any personal medications, to be given to camp director on arrival


  • sandals

  • slippers for bunkhouse

  • sunglasses

  • riding boots (or any sturdy, smooth-soled shoe with a defined, low heel)

  • your own riding helmet (we have many but some campers prefer to bring their own)

  • books, journal, and/or letter-writing supplies

  • water shoes or sandals, or old sneakers for wearing into the one pond that we hike to that has sharp rocks, or for wading in the creek if we go down into the canyon (footwear is REQUIRED in both of these places, but we don’t go there every week)

  • musical instruments or special talents… sometimes we have a talent show!


  • pocket knives

  • candy or snacks

  • cell phones, smart watches, iPods, laptops, kindles, or other electronics (we are happy to store these in the lodge until the end of camp)

  • make-up

  • shampoo, conditioner, bug spray, or other chemical-based products (we provide biodegradable soap, shampoo and conditioner, and earth-friendly bug repellents - we make exceptions for campers with particularly textured hair!) 

  • heat-producing appliances (hair dryers, curling irons etc.)

  • dogs…if at all possible, please do not bring your dogs on pick-up and drop-off days.  If you have no other options, we can make accommodation, but for safety and simplicity, "guest" dogs are strongly discouraged.  If you must bring your dog, please let us know beforehand!

If you are interested in bringing something to donate to the ranch, we'd love that! Here is a link to our Wishlist

Summer Camp FAQs

Coming up!

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The Barbed Wire Ball!

Family FUNdraiser September 28-29th

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