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at Home!

Hey there, Ekone community!

We know that times feel uncertain right now, and that all of our Ekone campers are quarantined, just like we are! Without school, friends, or routine, it can be easy to not know what to do, so we are hoping to bring some ways to capture the Ekone spirit, keep hope and curiosity alive, and provide some simple things for you to do at home.

We are switching up our routines to include some digital Ekone activities – videos of what we’re up to at the ranch, guidance for craft and cooking ideas, research projects, and prompts to encourage reflection, deep thinking, and silliness during this time. We know that it’s so important for all of us to call on our tools for contemplation and service to stay grounded in our bodies and connected to our communities.

Some themes you can expect:

  • Horses! (obviously!)

  • Ekone land (plants, seasonal changes, sit spots)

  • Shop and carpentry skills (bunkhouse updates, how-to small projects)

  • Kitchen and cooking (cooking with Chris!)

  • Crafting (home projects)

  • Service (how can we help our communities and places at this time?)

  • Connection (secret pals, anyone?)

We also want to hear what YOU want to see from the ranch!  Favorite horse you want updates about?  A project you worked on?  Let us know how we can bring you some joy, levity, and connection from here.

How to join:
Just email shonie@ekone.org and we'll make sure you get every "lesson" as soon as it's ready!  We'll also post to Facebook and Instagram, but joining the "Ekone At Home" list is the best way to be sure you stay in the loop. 

Help keep 'em coming:

Can you help support Ekone and our staff so that we can keep great content coming to you throughout the "stay at home" and so that the ranch will be strong and ready for action on the other side of this disruption?  Please Make a Donation!


Follow along with our seasonal movements and watch for migrations happening in your neighborhood.

Released 4/2/2020

Moving Day
Ekone's goats & chickens
get some new digs!



Learn how to make Liz's famous lasagna and then make some for your community!

Released 4/12/2020

Homestead Camp Liz-agna
Mutual Aid Cooking
for the Community


Tune in to episode one of Ekone tall tales.. And start telling a story of your own!

Released 4/25/2020

Lizard McGizzard Story Hour
Tales of Rock Creek Sally - Pt. 1

mcgizzard 2.png

Find out what happens when Rock Creek Sally sneaks out of the Ekone Valley...! 

Released 5/16/2020

McGizzard Story Hour
Tales of Rock Creek Sally - Pt 2


The mistletoe growing on Ekone pines has a story tell... Help us tell it!

Released 4/5/2020

Ponderosa Mistletoe
Create a life cycle
comic strip!

image2 (Small).jpeg


Come on a hike with us and hear a few tips for estimating the age of a pine.

Released 4/16/2020

Tale as Old as Pine
How Old is a Ponderosa?


Explore some of the nature friends making their spring appearances...

Released 5/2/2020

Nature Names
Ecosystems & Organisms

horse dynamics.png

Observe the mares during feeding time to see how they communicate with each other.

Released 5/24/2020

Herd Dynamics
Horse (and People) Communication


Learn how we care for the forest through burning, and think about what needs a little clearing out in your life!

Released 4/9/2020

Re-seeding the Forest
Burn pile after care


Watch all the ponies explore their new homes! And get started on your own spring organizing projects.

Released 4/19/2020

Spring Cleaning!
Ekone horses get freshened up

poppy peepin'.jpg

After a month of Ekone@Home content, we need your feedback! 

Released 5/9/2020

Anybody Out There?
Let us know what you think!

Coming up!

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So much fun and community and meaningful service!