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Spring Cleaning Extravaganza

Just like Ekone ponies need to freshen things up every once in a while, so do we humans! We need this in the best of times, and right now is honestly *not* the best of times, so imagine what a little freshening up of your space can do for your mental and spiritual health.

One of the things I was not prepared for with quarantine was just how dirty my house would get. Being here allllll the tiiiiiiiiime just means all my spaces are getting used constantly, when for most of the day we would be out doing other things. I mean… THE DISHES. I was not prepared for how many dishes I would be doing. And sometimes, when I’m feeling the weight of things going on in the world, I let myself slip into the chaos and the clutter really builds up.

How is this going at your house? Are you a slip-into-the-chaos type like me? Or are you an anxious-cleaner? Something else entirely? There are infinite ways we are dealing with being stuck at home, but I feel like what some of us need right now is some SPRING ORGANIZING. Imagine feeling as good as the horses in their fresh new digs.

Here are some ideas for re-energizing your space... Just try out the ideas that sound like they would make you feel like new! Ignore the rest :)

Re-organize your closet.

  • Maybe put all your clothes in a color gradient like the geldings.

  • Turn your shoe pile into a row of shoes by size or purpose.

  • Create labeled, categorized storage boxes for your different types of gear (i.e. “Camping Stuff”, “Things I Need for Summer Camp”)

  • Put those shelves up you’ve been needing.

Re-fold your clothes the Marie Kondo way.

  • Honestly when I learned to do this, it changed my life. Now I can see everything in my drawers!

  • Marie Kondo is the author of The Life-changing Magic of Tidying Up - learn more about her philosophy here.


Get rid of things you don’t use, need, or love.

  • Stashing unnecessary objects creates a lot of clutter, but also adds to the amount of stuff you have to be responsible for that you don’t need. Getting rid of things you aren’t using can take a burden off you that feels amazing.

  • Be sure to donate anything that could be useful for someone else and throw away anything that’s garbage. Why do we keep garbage around in our houses anyway?? (I am 100% guilty of this so don’t think you’re alone.)  



Rearrange your furniture (with permission only).

  • Honestly sometimes putting your furniture in a new set up will make it feel like you live in a completely different house!



Do yardwork.

  • Plant new plant bbs!

  • Weed the garden.

  • Mow the lawn!

Dust E V E R Y T H I N G .

  • You might be surprised how satisfying it can be to wipe literally everything down.

Turn your family into a chore crew.

  • At Ekone, we know that work and play can be the same thing!

  • Make a list of everything you’d like to get done and make a schedule to do it.

  • Make sure to sing songs while doing the chores!

Make some funky, personalized containers.

Brush your pets.

  • Most animal bbs are shedding this time of year and it can really itchy! Help them out by brushing out their extra furs.


Fix something broken, or mend ripped clothing.

  • Get out the sewing kits and tools! I honestly am obsessed with putting heart-shaped patches on my torn clothing. Fixing things makes them custom and personal!


Beat your rugs.

  • Okay definitely don’t do this without permission, but it can be extremely satisfying to clean your rugs this way.

  • Hang your rug over a strong line and hit it with a stick to get alllll the dust out. (Bamboo works wonders.)

  • Be extremely safe!



Spray essential oils.

  • Spraying the curtains or other out-of-the-way fabrics can be sweet way to freshen up a space.

  • HOWEVER: lots of people out there in the world have sensitivities to scents, so make sure no one living in your house would be affected.


Address black holes.

  • What’s the weird, unaddressed corner you’ve been absentmindedly stuffing objects that don’t have a home? For me, there’s an ENTIRE ROOM of my house I’ve been using for this purpose – yikes!

  • Give yourself a little pep talk, and dive in! Organize what’s in there by category (including “donate” and “trash”!) and start finding homes for the uncovered treasures.



And let us know how it’s going!

Send in photos of your fresh new spaces – before and after photos that will amaze us.

Send in pics and ideas to:

Help keep it fresh around the ranch!

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April 19-21 Forestry and Spring Cleaning Time!

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