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Lizard McGizzard Story Hour
(Part 2)

Howdy Wranglers!

Welcome back 'round the fire (with at least 6 ft. of space around you!) for some more magical Ekone tales of Rock Creek Sally, as told by none other than our very own Lizard McGizzard!

This is the second episode in a series of tales about Rock Creek Sally… See the first episode here!

Find what happens to Sally, next time, with Lizard MicGizzard Story Hour!


Check out this stump castle made by Shawn! A little inspiration if you want to build a shelter on your solo.

Activity Prompt – Go on a solo!

When Sally leaves the valley on her own, she has a lot to think about. What will she need out there on her own? Where will she sleep? What will she encounter along the way?

I encourage you to take yourself on a solo adventure of some kind today! I know adventure options are still pretty limited, but you don’t need to hike out to the canyon to have a great solo. You should create the experience that is just right for you, based on your age, comfort and experience level, and with input from your family.

But whatever you decide to do for your solo, make sure that you are all in! Don’t bring things that will distract you from the experience, but take the things that will keep you safe and engaged in your experience, like a journal or sketchpad, a book, a snack, etc. Think of all the things Rock Creek Sally took with her – she really thought about it a lot!

Some ideas you could choose from for your solo:

  • Build a shelter.

    • This can be in your backyard, living room, or anywhere where you can create a little nook for yourself.

    • What materials do you have access to?

    • What kind of situations would your shelter be good for? Weather? Secrecy? Being cozy?

    • Don’t forget to spend time in there once it’s created!

  • Go sneaking.

    • Use your foxwalk and sneaking/hiding skills to observe another person or animal without being seen by them. (Doesn’t count if they are asleep!)

  • Take a walk to somewhere new.

  • Spend 30 minutes without speaking.

  • Draw a picture of yourself in the most perfect place you can imagine being alone in.

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