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at Home!

Anybody Out There?

Howdy Ekone at Home crew! Anybody out there??

Today we are reaching to ask for some good old fashion feedback 😊 We have been pulling strings and wrangling the internet to get these videos and activities out to you for almost a month now (somehow time is flying *and* slow as molasses?!) And now that we’ve all settled into our routines, we want to know if and how these have been working for you.

And we really want to know if people are participating! We know that WE are delighted with doing all of the activities (check out Chris’s mistletoe comic strip!) but we want to know if these are valuable to all of you out there in the vast beyond.

Chris's mistletoe submission.JPG

Please take a moment fill out our survey!

We need at least 25 responses to our survey to feel inspired to continue creating Ekone@Home content.
Won’t you please be one?

We’ll select one respondent to receive a quart of Yummy Tummy Cafe granola, made by Chris!




And keep your eye on your email… we’ve got some new tiny faces out at the ranch – no kidding!

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If you have any feedback beyond what's in the survey, please let us know!


And as always, we always appreciate your support! 
If you have been enjoying our Ekone at Home offerings, please consider making a donation.
Any amount is helpful! Click here to donate.

Coming up!

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The Barbed Wire Ball!

Family FUNdraiser September 28-29th

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