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Adult Personal Retreat Camp

Here’s a chance for relaxation and renewal at Ekone Ranch! 

We often are asked whether it’s possible to simply come and stay at Ekone for a time—to camp on the land and have solo time in contemplation, or stay in the cozy bunkhouse and explore ALL the beautiful trails, or have spacious time for reading or art, and be fed delicious meals at the Yummy Tummy Cafe.

Our program season is so full we can’t often say “yes” to these requests. So, we created a “camp” for a personal retreat of your choosing!


Wednesday, October 16 - Sunday, October 20, 2024 | Arrive either Wednesday or Friday

Ages: 18+ years

Capacity: 10 participants


Wednesday arrival: $400 (base rate), $500 (restoration rate)

Friday arrival: $200 (base rate), $300 (restoration rate)


Here’s how it’ll work:

  • Arrival either Wednesday, October 11, or Friday, October 13, between 4-6pm

  • Maximum 10 participants

  • This is a DIY retreat, with delicious meals provided! As well as trail maps and information about the land.

  • You can stay in the shared bunkhouse, camp in the valley, or camp out on the land. RVs, vans, etc. are also welcome.

  • You’ll be welcome to join the Ekone staff and volunteer team on projects of the day if you like. Those may include gardening, forestry, gravedigging, lodge cleaning, horse chores, etc.  

  • Departure Sunday after lunch

  • This will run concurrently with the Adult Trail Ride Camp, with 10 participants (maybe you know someone who wants to join for this track?)

  • We obviously love kids, but this time is for adults—participants must be 18+

Please contact us with any questions! shonie@ekone.org509.773.4536

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