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Ekone Ranch...a place for children of all ages!

401 Ekone Rd. | Goldendale, WA | 98620

Homestead Camp

This action-packed session will build campers’ confidence, character, skills, and muscles, while having a ton of fun with some of Ekone’s most dynamic and talented campers and staff!

Homestead Camp is designed especially for those who love to make things with their own two hands, and want to learn the traditional arts and skills of homesteading. Our projects will center around the necessities of ranch life and DIY skills, including things like harvesting and preserving food from the garden, identifying wild medicinal and edible plants, making salves and herbal remedies, sewing and leatherworking, milking goats and tending to pigs, chickens, and other livestock, putting in hay and firewood, making pasta, sausage, bread, and other goodies from scratch, and of course lots of sleeping under the stars, swimming in the pond, playing games, and all the usual Ekone magic!

Campers will also have the opportunity to work on the Homeplace, a sweet gathering spot in the woods first begun by Homestead campers in 2018.


**Note that Homestead Campers will not ride horses, leaving more time for all those homestead adventures!**

If you haven’t already, visit our main About Camp  page

to get a feel for our camp philosophy, history and the scope the Ekone Summer Camp program


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Lead Staff for Homestead Camp


For a taste of Homestead Camp, check out this slideshow from 2018:

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Meaningful work, good fun!