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Family Camp
at Ekone

Bring your whole family to Ekone!

Bring your whole family to Ekone! Family Camp was an adaptation we created to be able to run programs through the pandemic, but turns out, it's extremely fun. "Family units" can be your immediate or extended family, a group of pals you want to spend time with, multiple families joined together, or whoever you want to wrangle for a long weekend of forest walks, ponies, rope swings, music night, and delicious meals. 

Activities on offer will be casual and fun - hikes, music night, garden projects, yoga, games on the lawn, etc. but families should also be prepared to relax by the pond, go on self-guided walks, and spend some idle time however you see fit. This is not a structured minute-by-minute experience - this is a time to find some joy in the spaciousness! And remember that Ekone is a tech-free experience, so get ready to unplug and enjoy the sunsets, frogs, birdsong, naps and adventures!

All kids will get a chance to have a horse activity session with our Top Hand Wranglers, but in an effort to make those horse sessions engaging and meaningful with limited time, adults should not expect to ride. 

Family Camp is a great way to introduce younger kids to the Ekone way of life, as well as providing much needed time to connect with other kids and families in a relaxing and peaceful environment, 





Space is limited to 10 families. Families may share space in the bunkhouse--if you would like your own space, please let us know and plan to bring a tent!

All ages!  Kids under 6 come free!

Tuition: $350/person (base rate), $500/person (restoration rate)

Please email with any questions.

Coming up!

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Best hootenanny of the year! Saturday September 23rd

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