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Art & Ponies Camp

~get creative and meet Ekone's herd of ponies!~

2024 Art & Ponies Camp details


June 30-July 5

Ages: 8-12

Capacity: 18 campers

Tuition: $1,200 (base rate), $1,500 (restoration rate)


July 22-28

Ages: 10-16

Capacity: 18 campers

Tuition: $1,300 (base rate), $1,600 (restoration rate)


Session Info

Is it impossible for you to decide between time at the craft area and the horse corrals? This camp is chock full of both! While this camp is not focused on riding the horses, everyone will get time with the horses every day doing everything from brushing and giving scritches, to giving horse baths, to exploring all the silly faces the horses make. And while this is not a riding intensive program, all campers will get the chance to ride at least once. 

On the art side of things, anything is possible, from collages to basket-making to creative writing to painting a group mural together. Our craft area is stocked to the brim with paints, leather, paper-making supplies, lino-cut stamp making materials, beads, tie-dye, fabric, embroidery thread, friendship bracelets, and who knows else mysterious treasures! As one camper last year said: "This is a crafting PARADISE!" 

Of course, Art & Ponies comes with all the possibilities that any Ekone Summer Camp program has to offer, like swimming in the pond, playing on the rope swings, hikes to the canyon, games in the forest, kitchen projects, going on a Supreme Adventure or to the Mermaid Pools!

We are offering this program twice in 2024, with slightly different age ranges. Older campers will stay one more night at camp and may get to dive a little deeper in creative skill building.

If you haven’t already, please visit our main About Camp  page

to get a feel for our camp philosophy, history and the scope the Ekone Summer Camp program

Please visit the Apply Here! Page to find out how to sign up!

All skill levels are welcome; passion and enthusiasm are the only prerequisites! 

Lead Staff for Art & Ponies Camp


Coming up!

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December 30-January 1 - come turn the year with us!

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