Wilderness First Aid

Extreme Supreme Adventure 

This camp will combine hands-on medical training with one of Ekone's favorite summer camp activities--the SUPREME ADVENTURE. 

During the first three days of camp, teens will gain a NOLS Wilderness First Aid (WFA) certification--learn more about that HERE. This invaluable training will give them skills to be more independent in the wilderness and help friends, family and strangers they may encounter that need medical attention. 

Following this training, teens will embark on a 3-day Extreme Supreme Adventure that will take them all over the Ekone land and will include scenarios to test their medical knowledge, wilderness skills and map-reading know-how. 

For this camp there will be two cohorts of 7 campers that will remain physically distanced from each other during the training and supreme adventures (although they may encounter each other along the way...). Teens will camp at a basecamp during the WFA training and then will be out on the trail for the remainder of the week. 


*Note that campers will not ride horses, they'll be too busy saving lives in the woods!**

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