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Ekone Ranch...a place for children of all ages!

401 Ekone Rd. | Goldendale, WA | 98620

Two-Week Camp




When one week just isn't quite enough!

The Two-Week Camp was created for those campers who realize that the end of the first week is when things really start to get good! It's a chance to dive deeper into ranch life, horsemanship, and the type of community that Ekone is known for. This session is particularly suited for returning campers, and those ready for an immersive camp experience. 

NEW in 2019! We'll be offering two different focus areas for campers interested in staying two weeks: There will be lots of cross-over of activities between the focus areas,  and all meals and bunking will be shared. The focus areas are intended to give campers a chance to think about and share with staff ahead of time what they're most excited to learn during their time at Ekone. Over the years we've found that most campers end up in one of these two focus areas naturally, so we thought it was time to start asking early!

Horsemanship Intensive: we'll ride just about every day (hey, the horses need a day off too!) and work on deepening our relationships with the Ekone horse herd through lessons, trail rides, groundwork and join up activities. While not as intensive as our Wrangler Camp program, the Two-Week Camp gives us a chance to explore our relationships with horses in a slower, more intentional way. 

Ranch/Wilderness Intensive: this track is for campers who are more interested in the ranch projects and the getting-lost-in-the-woods side of Ekone! We won't ride every day, but campers will have the opportunity to join riding lessons and trail rides at the level that works for them. With some time freed up from riding, we'll work on our favorite ranch projects like getting in firewood, forestry, cleaning up adjacent properties, and likely some construction of the new Ekone facilities. We'll also spend a little more time in the woods, learning navigation and wilderness survival skills. 

**Because the Two-Week camp tends to attract older campers, there will be no CITs during this session. If you are interested in stepping into leadership at Ekone as a Counselor in Training, please apply for one of the All-Level Horse Camp sessions or one of the non-horse camp sessions**

If you haven’t already, please visit our main Summer Camp Page to get a feel for the scope of our camp program.

Two-Week Camp Dates:

Session 6: July 21 - August 3          Ages 10-18          Tuition: $1820          Capacity: 25 campers

Please visit our Registration Page for information about applying for a space in summer camp and a link to our registration system.


Check out the slideshow for Two-Week Camp 2018!

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