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Stewardship Camp

Calling all Ekone teens…there's a lot going on at Ekone and we need your help!

Stewardship Camp is an opportunity hang out with a small group of other awesome teens, and get down and dirty with ranch projects that will make a lasting impact. 

It’s also an opportunity to “give back” to Ekone and lay the foundation for a year by keeping the ranch in good working order  Part service…all fun! 


The Possibilities List includes:

  • Spend a little time with the animals at the ranch; scratching off the horses' winter coats, hikes with goats, collecting chicken eggs or playing with baby Zephyr!

  • Check trails for obstacles and damage

  • Make sure the facilities are in good working order (and learn some handy skills along the way)

  • Hike to secret spots on Ekone land to check for invasive weeds

  • Reconnect with old friends and make some new ones

  • Fix fences

  • Play games in the Stump Castle (a new spot up at Heavenly Heights)

  • Work on the new Yummy Tummy Cafe construction

  • Hike down to Rock Creek to swim in the Mermaid Pools

  • Clean water troughs (and maybe have a mud fight while you're at it)

  • Learn more than you've ever wanted to know about how the Ekone garden grows

  • Whatever else is needed and of service to the ranch during the week you're there--the list is pretty endless!

Dates: June 22-28

             July 1-7 (featuring Horse Stewardship! See below)

             July 10-16 (featuring Horse Stewardship! See below.  Also NOTE: this session WAS a Construction Camp, which we've transformed into a Stewardship Camp--but the CampDoc registration system may not be up to date yet.  If you register for Session 6A, this is it!  Contact if you get confused!)

Ages: 12-17

Tuition: $900 base rate, $1200 restoration rate

About the Horse Stewardship track of the July 1-7 and July 10-16 sessions:

We know that horses are a big draw for campers and wanted to offer a way to involve Ekone teens at a deeper level in our horse care strategies that help improve the health and happiness of Ekone’s horses. This is your chance to learn a ton and dive deep into the horse-human relationship! There will be an equal balance of stewardship of the horses and the place—check out the Possibilities List below for more specifics about what could be offered during the week, and get started on your own list of things you'd like to do, learn, share, and experience!

Horse Possibilities

  • Care of the horse’s body

    • Learning and practicing horse bodywork and/or massage

    • Learning and practicing different groundwork exercises with horses to help strengthen, stretch, and/or relax their muscles

  •  Overall horse health care

    • Preparing and delivering individual supplements and/or medications to horses who need them

    • Learning more about all the considerations that go into feeding and other horse management logistics (all while getting that delicious hay to the horses!)

  • Horse facilities maintenance

    • Checking and fixing any fences that need attention

    • Scrubbing water troughs (mud fights optional!)

    • Cleaning horse tack

  • Horse observation and connection

    • Spending non-demanding time sitting with/near the horses, perhaps with a cup of tea 😊

    • Centered-Riding-Inspired lessons, to help the horses find greater relaxation in movement by working towards relaxation in our own bodies

    • Taking the horses on a trail walk--like walking a dog, only a whole lot bigger!

    • Playing with baby Zephyr (she’s not such a baby anymore)

Note: It's possible, but not guaranteed, that we'll spend some time riding, if and when it benefits the horses, but this is not a riding-focused camp.

For a taste of Stewardship Camp, please check out this 2015 slideshow:

Coming up!


April 19-21 Forestry and Spring Cleaning Time!

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