Stewardship Camp

Calling all Ekone teens…there's a lot going on at Ekone and we need your help!

Stewardship Camp is an opportunity hang out with a small group of other awesome teens, and get down and dirty with ranch projects that will make a lasting impact. 

It’s also an opportunity to “give back” to Ekone and lay the foundation for a year by keeping the ranch in good working order  Part service…all fun! 


The Possibilities List includes:

  • Spend a little time with the animals at the ranch; scratching off the horses' winter coats, hikes with goats, collecting chicken eggs or playing with baby Zephyr!

  • Check trails for obstacles and damage

  • Make sure the facilities are in good working order (and learn some handy skills along the way)

  • Hike to secret spots on Ekone land to check for invasive weeds

  • Reconnect with old friends and make some new ones

  • Fix fences

  • Play games in the Stump Castle (a new spot up at Heavenly Heights)

  • Work on the new Yummy Tummy Cafe construction

  • Hike down to Rock Creek to swim in the Mermaid Pools

  • Clean water troughs (and maybe have a mud fight while you're at it)

  • Learn more than you've ever wanted to know about how the Ekone garden grows

  • Whatever else is needed and of service to the ranch during the week you're there--the list is pretty endless!

For a taste of Stewardship Camp, please check out this 2015 slideshow:

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