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Ekone Ranch...a place for children of all ages!

401 Ekone Rd. | Goldendale, WA | 98620

School Groups & Adult Retreats


Ekone is well-known for hosting unique summer camps for children, based in nature-connection and natural horsemanship skills, but did you know that Ekone also hosts a number of school groups and adult retreats during the spring and fall?

Our rustic ranch facilities, experienced staff, and 1,133 acres of stewarded wild land create a magical and nurturing outdoor classroom and playground for children and adults alike.

Ekone’s facilities are set in a beautiful valley in south-central Washington, 2.5 hours from Portland, 3 hours from Seattle. Ekone is managed by Sacred Earth Foundation, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization with a mission to activate children and adults to love the earth deeply and wisely, through stewardship of the Rock Creek watershed, authentic community experience, and place-based education.

At Ekone, school group and retreat guests experience being an important member of an inclusive community, in relationship and service to a place.  We believe that this experience is fundamental to our human nature, transformative for those who experience it, and essential to creating a viable, vibrant future on Earth. 

We offer wholesome, home-cooked vegetarian meals and accommodations in our A-frame longhouse and strawbale roundhouse, in tipis, tents, or under the stars. We can provide facilities and meals for groups that come with their own staff and program, as well as offer specially-designed programming and experienced Ekone staff to lead fun and educational nature-based experiences for your group.


Activities can include hiking, swimming, lessons in ecology, working in the garden, cooking projects, herbal medicine and salve making, canning and food preservation, nature-based art and craft projects, campfires, and horse activities. A curriculum will be created specifically for your group, according to your individual needs, objectives, and budget.


Group Size

Ekone’s facilities are best suited to groups of 20-25. We can accommodate 30 with a squeeze and much larger groups when the weather is nice and you’re willing to camp!



Ekone’s facilities are rustic and unique, largely built from wood harvested from the land and milled on site. (Please see www.ekone.org for photos.) Facilities used for program activities include:

Longhouse/Roundhouse: This A-frame structure is our primary bunkhouse, with 6 large sleeping platforms on the ground floor, sleeping two adults or sometimes three children, plus 4 lofts that accommodate an additional 8-12 people (more if you are small). The Roundhouse, built of straw bales, adjoins the Longhouse and sleeps 3+; a good space for chaperones and children needing extra support.

Tipis: We currently have 3 seasonal tipis of various sizes that can sleep from 2-10 people each.

Bathhouse: Includes two flush toilets, sink and one shower. Portapotties can be brought in for larger groups.

Kitchen: The “Yummy Tummy Café” is a fully stocked rustic commercial kitchen and dining room. We have abundant outdoor seating as well. Our fresh, from-scratch meals are always a highlight.

Lodge: The spacious Lodge serves as a gathering place, fire circle, stage, craft center, and game area. The Lodge also offers three comfortable upstairs guest rooms, sometimes used as adult quarters, with a bathroom and kitchen on ground floor.

Timing and Logistics:

Ekone can host groups on weekends or weekdays, from the beginning of March through the beginning of June, and from the beginning of September through the end of November. Please note that many dates for spring and fall groups are filling 6-9 months in advance—just contact us to see what dates are available.


Booking a Program or Retreat:

For more information about bringing a school group or adult retreat to Ekone, you can give us a call at 509-773-4536 or email our program director at liz@ekone.org.

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