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Classic Horse Camp

2023 Horse Camp details

July 1-7 or July 31- August 6

Ages: 10 years+

Capacity: 18 campers

Tuition: $1,500 (base rate), $1,800 (restoration rate)

Session Info

A remix of an Ekone Classic, Horse Camp will look similar to our pre-Covid summer horse camps, with some updates. There will be horses and there will be firewood and there will be siesta crafting and secret pals and maybe even a Supreme Adventure!

Campers can expect to spend time with the horses for half the day, and to get their hands dirty during the other half, whether taking down old barbed wire fencing, digging in the garden, exploring the many acres of Ekone land–anything is possible and nothing is guaranteed! We never know what we’re going to do until we make our Possibilities List on the first night!

Our approach to horsemanship emphasizes the special relationship between children and horses. Everyone spends time grooming and caring for the horses and learning safe ground habits. In the past couple years, we’ve added more to our repertoire of relationship-building with horses from the ground, spending non-demanding time with them, learning & practicing some bodywork techniques, and practicing with our arena obstacles both from the ground and while riding–trust us when we say it’s a blast!

As for riding, we ride primarily bareback, especially with beginning riders. This may seem counter-intuitive, but 30+ years of experience have taught us that children learn to ride much faster bareback, gain their balance more quickly, develop a more empathetic relationship and better communication with the horse, and are actually safer without the trappings of tack to get tangled in and distracted by.

If you haven’t already, please visit our main About Camp  page

to get a feel for our camp philosophy, history and the scope the Ekone Summer Camp program

Please visit our Apply Here! page for information about how to sign up!

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Lead Staff for Classic Horse Camp

...coming soon!

For a taste of Horse Camp, check out this 2018 slideshow:

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So much fun and community and meaningful service!

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