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Ekone Ranch...a place for children of all ages!

401 Ekone Rd. | Goldendale, WA | 98620

Summer Camp

at Ekone Ranch



Service & Leadership Opportunities 

At Ekone Summer Camp, we are committed to cultivating leadership among campers, and providing meaningful volunteer opportunities for adults.


For campers interested in learning about leadership and giving back to Ekone, we offer a selective CIT opportunity.  Most of our CITs have attended camp for a few seasons and have shown that they are hard working, a positive example for other campers, and ready to take on more responsibility.  CITs are ages 13-17, and are almost always returning campers.  A maximum of four CITs will be selected for each camp session (no CIT positions for Wrangler Camp, Passage camps or Two-Week Camp). 

For more information on becoming an Ekone summer camp CIT and application instructions, please click below.


Our Intern program applies to youth aged 16-22 seeking an in-depth volunteer leadership opportunity at Ekone Summer Camps, usually for 3 weeks at a time.  Interns will work closely with camp staff, and participate in planning the camp program, daily decision-making, and leading activities as appropriate.  Experienced staff will provide mentorship.  This is an excellent opportunity to spend an extended period at Ekone, gain some real experience, and build your resume or college application.  We happily provide references and recommendations for our interns, and Ekone experience is proven to be valuable later in life. 



Dedicated and talented adult volunteers help make Ekone Summer Camps such a one-of-a-kind experience.  Past volunteers have led groups of campers to create incredible art installations, buildings, dramatic productions, and nature councils, and have offered teachings on wilderness skills, animals, botany, plant medicine, livestock, permaculture, and gardening…just to name a few examples!  If you have a special talent to share with children, please consider offering your skills at camp.

Coming up!

September 28

A family festival & fundraiser!